10 Tiny Flourishes from April


Each month I’ve been sharing tiny flourishes – good things that I’ve been savoring – from the previous month.

Here are 10 tiny flourishes from April:


Of course, the eclipse makes the list. We drove to Ohio to view it with family who live in the path of totality. Such an awe-inspiring event!

Lunch with friends

I’ve been more intentional about getting together with friends, both old and new.

New puppy

We have a pet-free home, but our oldest son has a dog and this month, he added a new puppy. I love having them come visit!

Strawberries planted

I planted a bunch of new strawberry plants. Hoping for lots of tasty berries in the future!

Daily walks

I wish I could say that I’d been taking walks all month, but I did start a new habit of a long morning walk a week or so ago. I put on a podcast, walk down the road and always come back in a good mood.

New sunrise alarm clock

My old sunrise alarm clock bit the dust during an electrical storm we had. I purchased a new one from Amazon. The old one was a Philips brand and I liked it better than the new one. But the new one was much cheaper and still gets the job done.

Homemade pizza on pizza steel

I bought pizza dough from Trader Joe’s and made pizza using my pizza steel. Usually, I heat the pizza steel in the oven for an hour before baking the pizza. This time, I gave it about 30 minutes while I prepped the other ingredients.

This is the best way to make pizza at home! The crust turns out so well on the steel. You can read more about using a pizza steel here.

Movie – Perfect Days

We watched this Japanese movie called Perfect Days one evening. I really liked it and want to watch it again.

Finishing up teaching classes

This semester I taught two classes at the homeschool, high school group my kids used to be part of. Classes finished last week and I have to say that I really liked teaching. I wasn’t sure, since it had been a long time since I’d taught.

I taught Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain and Propaganda. Two very different classes, but very fun to teach.  In the fall, I’ll be teaching two classes again. This time Creative Thinking and Critical Thinking.

Tiny peaches on the peach tree

The peach tree I planted a couple of years ago has a lot of little peaches on it. I’m hoping we’ll get to eat some of them. The apple and pear trees don’t seem to have any fruit.

Share Your Tiny Flourishes

I’d love to know what’s making your life better these days. Share your tiny flourishes in the comments below.

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