Plan a succession of (summer) things to look forward to


“I plant a succession of things to look forward to.” — Julie Andrews speaking about planning her garden on the Wiser than Me podcast.

As soon as I heard Julie Andrews say that, I wrote it down. I love how she expressed our need to have things to look forward to and that we can plant (or plan) those seeds for ourselves.

I’ve written about how I taught myself to anticipate good things again.  One way I did this was by putting things on the calendar and actively and intentionally looking ahead to them.

Here’s a list of inspiration for us to work from as we plan ways to enjoy summertime.

Take yourself to summer school

This isn’t for everyone, but if you love to learn, you might want to dive into a topic of interest or sign up for a class.

Plan a “summer camp” for yourself

This can be one whole week, a weekend or sprinkled throughout the summer. Think campfires (bonus for adding campfire songs), s’mores, canoeing or kayaking, hiking and maybe even actual camping, including sleeping in a tent. If you went to church camp when you were young, you might want to add devotion time outside or look for an outdoor church service to attend this summer.

Summer reading

Sign up for your library’s summer reading program or choose from one of the many summer reading challenges online. This one looks fun.

Try having a signature drink for your summer

Make a daily habit of drinking peach iced tea or cold brew coffee or lemonade with a sprig of basil or another drink of your choice. It’s a small way to savor something good every day.

Take up an arts and crafts project

Fill a sketchbook, knit or crochet something, macrame a plant hanger, try junk journaling or make a summer wreath for your front door.

Plan summer entertainment

Check your local calendar for outdoor concerts and plays and add the ones that interest you to your calendar.

Be a tourist in your hometown (or nearby towns and cities)

There are so many things to do nearby that we don’t take the time to seek out. This summer plan to hit some of your areas tourist spots.

Plan a trip

Even an overnight trip can be a nice break from the everyday.

Schedule time with friends and family

This could be a big family reunion or catching up with old friends over dinner.

What are some of your ideas for enjoying summer this year?

I’d love to see your ideas for things to do this summer. What are you looking forward to? Share in the comments below.


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