10 Tiny Flourishes from December


Here are 10 tiny flourishes that made life good in December:

Following my guiding phrase of Fresh and Light for the holiday season

I’ve talked about this before, but now we’re through the whole season and having this phrase in mind has been so helpful.

It guided how I decorated (real tree, garland of dehydrated oranges and grapefruit slices and one pink poinsettia).

It guided the food I made (simple brunch with ham and hash brown casserole for the meat eaters and tofu scramble casserole with sweet potato, and kale for the plant people, along with a giant bowl of fruit).

It guided my emotions, reminding me that I wanted to feel fresh and light. That meant that I consciously swept away thoughts of difficult Christmases past and focused on the present moment that I was in.

Christmas Eve with whole family

We got to have the whole family together for the first time in a very long time, including my sister, her husband and their kids. The weather was wonderful – mid 60s and sunny, so we were able to be outside and enjoy the porch and fire pit.

Peeps glasses cleaner 

I saw this on a gift guide and bought it for my husband. These are a great way to clean glasses. It’s a little pricier than what I’d expect for someone like this, but it’s worth it because it works so well.

Amaryllis from Krohn Conservatory

We went to Krohn Conservatory in Cincinnati a few days after Christmas to meet up with some of Jim’s family. It’s a beautiful place full of lovely plants. They had a sale on amaryllis and I picked up a large pot of blooms for just $6. I love them!

Jim being off work for several weeks

It’s been nice to have him home over the holidays.

Our youngest son and his girlfriend visiting from Arizona

They’ve been in for a couple of weeks and we’ve had such a good time with them.

Fires in the wood stove

Cozy evenings!

Yankee Candle Grapefruit and White Spruce

To go along with my Fresh and Light theme, I bought this candle. It smells really good!

Faster Way

I had a goal of hitting 24 workouts this month and I crushed it with 28 workouts for the month!

I love the Faster Way workouts. They’re quick, effective and I can feel myself getting stronger each month. Faster Way has a new session starting Monday, but there will be others starting in January too. I highly recommend this program!

Garden Planner

This year, I bought a garden planner from Happy Planner and I’m filling it out for the year with the dates I need to start seeds, plant transplants etc. I’m hoping to be more organized and on top of the garden this year.

Share your tiny flourishes!

I’d love to know what’s making your life better right now. Share in the comments below.


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