What I learned from a year of flourish focus


It’s been a year since I decided to embark on my personal flourish project and to write about it here on Flourish52.

Here’ are some highlights of what I’ve learned. Some of these lessons I’ve had to learn over and over in life. Others are new. Maybe some of these will also resonate with you.

Tough Years Happen

In life, there will be really tough years that hit us hard. For me, 2022 was a year that really hit my family hard with multiple life-changing events and hardships.

The goal during these times is to survive and care for ourselves and those around us in the best way that we’re able.

The good news is that the hard times will pass. The difficult days and months will not last forever and once we’re through them, it’s time to focus on our healing.

Healing is possible!

It’s possible to learn how to find my calm center

This past year still held a lot of stressful situations carried over from 2022, but I found that I was able to come back to a calm center much easier. I learned and practiced techniques that help me to calm down, deal with worries and stay centered more often.

Some things are in my control

Even when everything feels like it’s out of control, there are still some things within my circle of control. Learning to focus on what I can control and letting go of what I can’t has been tremendously helpful.

My list of desired feelings has been a wonderful guide

Coming up with a list of desired feelings helped me remember and focus on important things and not to get bogged down in the details and  difficulties of things outside my control.

For instance, when I faced a tough situation I would remember that I wanted to feel strong, centered, flexible etc. That helped me focus on my response to the situation, which is in my control.

It’s important to anticipate good things

Partway through the year, I realized I needed to learn how to anticipate good things again, instead of always waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Learning to look forward to good things helped me overcome that constant fear of waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Savoring good things is a way to experience deep gratitude

I learned to savor the good things that are in my life, by keeping a “Notables” list. This one action has made a huge difference in my life, as it’s helped me see all the positive and enjoyable parts of life.

Flourish52 in 2024

I’m continuing my flourish project and will continue writing here on Flourish52 to encourage you to join me in creating conditions to flourish.

I’ve found that unless I’m actively working toward flourishing, I tend to slip to a darker, harder place.

I want to keep focusing on being positive, becoming more resilient and generally being a more pleasant person to be around.

Starting in March, I’ll be pursuing a Certificate of Applied Positive Psychology. This is a nine month program that focuses on all aspects of flourishing.

I’ll be sharing what I learn in the program with you here on Flourish52.

I hope you’ll stick with me this year as we continue to create conditions in our lives to flourish!

I’d love to hear the lessons you’ve learned this year. Share in the comments below.


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