2 Perspectives


Free vs Structured

Planned vs Wing It

Wander vs Purpose

Jim and I are taking a trip to Italy. It’s our first time to visit the country and we’re really looking forward to this adventure together.

Recently at a wedding, I asked my niece if she’d planned every day of her recent trip to Italy. She said she had full plans for each day.

Later, I talked to my nephew (a cousin to my niece) and mentioned that we had several free days, with nothing planned. “Those are the best days!” he said. He liked being able to fill in with spontaneous things that catch interest in the moment.

I love these two perspectives! I find we often move between these in various areas of our lives.

I’m writing this before our trip, but by the time you read it we will be home.

I’m going to leave the free days open for wandering and exploring, even though I typically like things planned out. We’ll see how it goes!

Which do you lean toward? Planned or Free?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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