Try This: 3 Good Things and Why They Happened


Today I’m sharing a simple exercise for shifting our mood and mindset.

Think of three good things that happened today (or yesterday, or this week etc.).

Now think about why you think those things happened? What role did you play in bringing those things about? Or what role did others play?

Here’s an example:

1. I talked to my daughter about a book she’s reading.

Why it happened – We were arranging a time to get together and she called me to work out the time and shared the book. She knows I’m also interested in the topic of the book and wanted to talk to me about it.

2. The sun came out after it rained.

Why it happened – God worked through nature and I took the time to notice and savor the weather.

3. We took delivery of a new lawn mower.

Why it happened – I convinced Jim that we needed to upgrade to a new mower that didn’t break down nearly every time we tried to use it.

Why this exercise works

Listing off three good things that happened and then exploring why they happened, reminds us that good things do happen, it helps us to go deeper with gratitude, and reminds us of our strengths and positive actions.

I hope you give it a try this week!


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